Saturday, April 18, 2015

Being Unique

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There are many people who struggle to fit in with the crowd, or make themselves become something they aren't. While the intentions may seem good - it is never a great idea to be anyone else than yourself. Walt Disney was known for many things: an inspirational leader, a boy of many talents, and a someone truly unique. There just will never be anyone like him. Know why? Because he strives for self-respect and integrity. This is something every single person should do.

I was never the type of person who fit in. I was often teased and picked on by other kids in school. I was the one who tried to fit in, but never really could. In all those years I finally learned to become something more than just a head in the crowd, but someone who loved himself. I became my own best friend and in doing so I've earned a bit of self-respect. It wasn't easy - not by a long shot - but I eventually came to terms with who I really was, a creative mind. I applied who I was by writing random stories in a notebook, poems that reflected the world I saw and how I felt about it, and pursued a degree in creative writing with hopes that I could share this fruitful knowledge with others. 

Don't ever fear the words of others. People will say mean and evil things, but words will only hurt if you let them bother you. Be strong willed and determinate in who you are. Accept the fact that others are always going to have a difference of opinion. Just because those people say something doesn't mean that it is true about you. The sooner you come to love who you are, and embrace who you are, the sooner you will realize that you'll be successful and happy. Everyone was made to be different and unique. No two people are ever the same - not completely. Be proud of who you are.

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