Saturday, April 11, 2015

Do I Dare?

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We are all familiar with the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner fiasco of a movie, and now Marvel, ABC Studios, and Netflix, have partnered together in creating an original series. I will admit that I wholeheartedly loathed the Daredevil movie back in 2003, but I will also be the first of many to admit that this new reprisal is simply dark and delicious.

Marvel's Daredevil original series was released just a day ago, and it is already getting great reviews. For those of you who binge watched the entire series, like myself, you will know exactly why this show is getting those reviews. 

IMDb has given it a 9.4/10 rating! 

And if that wasn't enough to seal the deal. According to Henry Hanks at CNN, Rotten Tomatoes has given the show a 94% positive turnout. As we all know, Rotten Tomatoes doesn't simply give good reviews like that to anything unless its truly special. 

Here's the trailer. Just to give you all a little taste.

One of my favorite parts about this show (no spoilers here) is that the creators interpreted Matt Murdock's abilities exactly the way they were meant to be. None of that silly vibration and wavy bullshit that was in the movie, but instead real time enhanced senses. He can hear up to two blocks away, his sense of smell helps him track people, his sense of touch allows him to feel vibrations in the air whenever a slight movement is made, and all of these combined help him to interpret the world around him. Nothing made me more angry when director Mark Johnson made a blind vigilante-hero able to physically see. The character is frigging blind! Keep it that way. For that I give this new series all the props in the world. 

Secondly, we see more character development within this series than anything else (other than comic books). I can't stand watching a television show that revels in moving a story forward without revealing any characteristic intentions. It leaves the audience asking too many damn questions and ruins the experience. I like knowing the reasoning behind things, and discovering those little plot twists. It makes a show that much more interesting. For this I give the show even more props.

Lastly, the show does the comic books justice. Plain and simple. The show had so many connections with the comic books that I felt like I was seeing the Daredevil for the first time. 

If anyone is a fan of this Matt Murdock and his alter ego, then they will be extremely excited to watch this show. Thank you Marvel for not allowing this hero to be dressed up in pink overalls. 

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